the palette of warmth and calm love

Photo by 2 Bro’s Media on Unsplash

Most beautiful palette

As the sun sets
Light slowly fades

The sun’s shine darkens
Like a switch clicked
At a different speed

Attractive and such stunning beauty
Chance you won’t ever waste
A daily but always rare feeling
The warmth that sunset gives

In a slow passage of time
Transforms beauty from light to dark
In every silhouette and every shape
Beauty and warmth outshines other things
Promise it fulfills for new chances

At the end of sunrises and mornings
The day hasn’t ended yet, welcomes the night
More hours to spend wisely, with family
My most favorite kind of nature palette
A sky, mix of yellow and orange
You deserve this calmness and warm love



déjà vu

Photo by Yang Xia on Unsplash

Its been a year since
Have there been any changes?
Always a cycle without progress
Aren’t there any other options?

Couldn’t help but to think
How this negligence
Became a habit
Such amoral acts

The whole nation
Shouts for rights
We don’t deserve this
Everyone is much more awake now
Loud cries for help but even louder
Shouts for what we truly deserve

Being too selfish won’t lead to anything
Nothing in here is ever permanent but
The temporary pleasure of worldly things
Everything will be written down
In our history

Too much of anything is bad
We are in a situation
It’s not bad anymore
But it’s the worse of all

Suffocating déjà vu
I hope this ends well
We deserve better



inside battles.. (trigger warning)

Photo by Engin akyurt on Unsplash

It gets heavier than usual
Ain’t an easy battle
A repetitive cycle

It tends to be overwhelming
Afraid of what’s coming
A haunting feeling

Illness won’t ever define us
Attacks might weaken us
We are conquerors

We’ll still rise repeatedly
We are hurt deeply
Scars stay consistently

These episodes are so heavy
Like being stabbed continuously
Hurting and crying

It will eventually get better
We’ll come back stronger
World much lighter



ray of hope

Photo by Karl Magnuson on Unsplash

Like a honey syrup
As consistent as the heart’s pump
To just simply wake up
Make you wanna jump

Like a cold shower
A feeling so refreshing
Every morning you encounter
Life is indeed a blessing

A new day brings hope
No time to mope
We might face slopes
We’ll figure how to cope

The beauty of nature
The growth that nurtures
We strive as we heal
We breathe as we dream

Sun & mornings
New chances &
New beginnings
Better days ahead

It always
gets better
You’ll always
be stronger
Like how our
you will always
rise and shine



Are you under someone’s control?

Photo by Anita Jankovic on Unsplash

Your puppeteer’s hiding
Attached many strings
Too controlling
Difficulty in moving

At own will
Empty fill
Strange pill
Battle’s uphill

Steep slope
Rough rope
How to cope
Minimal scope
Need to unrope

Suffocated under your control
Do you think you’re whole?
Seems like I’m on a parole



Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Flower blooms
In water, it grows

Soft breeze
It gives
Fresher sky it seizes

Windy weather
Seen in palm
Feels good like
On a different realm

Back on the same path
Better than the past
We talk and laugh
We all had a blast

Re-connection at its best
Great to know the rest
Settle for the best
Never the less



be careful…

Photo by Blake Lisk on Unsplash

A puppeteer
Holds you so dear
“You got nothing to fear”
Whispered to your ear

Attached strings
Stringed on rods
Dressed in colors

Lost authority
Body like parody
Stuck involuntarily
Moving worriedly

“Come, help!”
A cry for help