A Year

déjà vu

Photo by Yang Xia on Unsplash

Its been a year since
Have there been any changes?
Always a cycle without progress
Aren’t there any other options?

Couldn’t help but to think
How this negligence
Became a habit
Such amoral acts

The whole nation
Shouts for rights
We don’t deserve this
Everyone is much more awake now
Loud cries for help but even louder
Shouts for what we truly deserve

Being too selfish won’t lead to anything
Nothing in here is ever permanent but
The temporary pleasure of worldly things
Everything will be written down
In our history

Too much of anything is bad
We are in a situation
It’s not bad anymore
But it’s the worse of all

Suffocating déjà vu
I hope this ends well
We deserve better



Sharing pieces of my thoughts. 🤍 follow me: https://www.instagram.com/autumnfox.poetry/

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