Sunsets & Chances

Eli Sunset
Mar 29, 2021

the palette of warmth and calm love

Photo by 2 Bro’s Media on Unsplash

Most beautiful palette

As the sun sets
Light slowly fades

The sun’s shine darkens
Like a switch clicked
At a different speed

Attractive and such stunning beauty
Chance you won’t ever waste
A daily but always rare feeling
The warmth that sunset gives

In a slow passage of time
Transforms beauty from light to dark
In every silhouette and every shape
Beauty and warmth outshines other things
Promise it fulfills for new chances

At the end of sunrises and mornings
The day hasn’t ended yet, welcomes the night
More hours to spend wisely, with family
My most favorite kind of nature palette
A sky, mix of yellow and orange
You deserve this calmness and warm love